MIS is listed amongst top 10 schools in the world by UNESCO & Ashoka Foundation for its unique learning and teaching methodology.

  • Guided Discovery - Our unique curriculum enhances Interactive, participatory and Collaborative learning and teaching method , multiple intelligence learning and teaching tools are embedded in each class.
  • Eklavya Method - Self-study system in which all learning methods are included into single fold. This method grants each child independence and self-reliance to bring out their true understanding and talent through their own efforts.
  • Parliamentary system - Through Parliamentary system we like to nurture Self discipline, leadership, teamwork, decision making, Negotiation and conflict resolution. These values are learnt in the fold of routine functioning of class and school where children participate in class, school management by electing their own MLA, MP, PM and School president which enable them to realize their Rights, Duties and Responsibilities in a functional way.
  • AM I ABLE - Enable each child to do self-analysis, self-evaluation hence compete with self and be self-disciplined, self-motivated, self-responsible for his/her own learning and talent development.
  • Democratic bully free class room - All students treat their peers as friend rather than competitors results healthy competition among the students. Bully free class is a reality in Muni school and bully to buddy method ensure it.
  • Each one teach ten - Systematic and comprehensive teaching methodologies incorporated with modern technologies ensure the students to get rid of burden of learning rather our approach will make the entire teaching learning process quite cohesive and coherent.
  • UPLC for life not just - Exams - where focus shifts from cramming to understanding, practical aspects and life skills are promoted. Traditional mark centered examination pattern shall be replaced with application, exploration and rational thinking skills.
  • One Foreign Lanaguage - At MIS all students will be given training to speak English and one foreign language fluently, which makes them a true global citizen.
  • Jeevan vidya value education - Purpose of education is making each child understand the true purpose in life and live in personal, family, social and natural life accordingly. Our Academic Curriculum supplements every child with essential learning skills. JeevanVidya, a new concept intended to teach them to live harmoniously with self, family, society and nature.
  • National and International Exposure - Through international exchange system MIS students can interact with international guests, institutes and countries on the routine basis which enable them to expose various attributes at Global perspective.
  • IQ, EQ, AQ, SQ whole brain based - Human beings learn best when they use their whole brain. MIS methodology uniquely fulfils extensive brain based learning.